Mere Down Falconry
Mere Down Falconry

HARRIS HAWKS :-- Molly, Roxy, Jack, R2 & D2

Mere :-- European Kestrel

Floyd :-- Lugger Falcon

Percy :-- Perlin

Turbo :-- Peregrine/Lanner

Blue :-- Turkey Vulture

Rufus :-- Golden/Steppe Eagle

Simba :-- Yellow Billed Kite

Poppy :-- European Eagle Owl

OB1 :-- Bengal Eagle Owl

Misty :-- Great Grey Owl

Leia :-- Barn Owl

Casper :-- Barn Owl

Gizmo :-- White Faced Owl

Spike :-- Little Owl



Breeding Pairs that we have.

2 pairs of Tawny Owls

Bengal Eagle Owls

African Spotted Eagle Owls

Burrowing Owls

European Kestrels


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